Clients Speak

An Answer to a Prayer!

Lane’s individual yoga instruction was an answer to my prayers.This is the year I turned 60.  I took a good look at myself and didn’t like what I saw.  I decided I would use this year to develop better health habits. Lane not only provided me with guided yoga instruction, she also helped me focus on the bigger picture of health. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me better understand some truths about myself and has motivated my efforts to attain a healthier body, mind and spirit.  – Patrice Robins

Get Results!

Lane Cobb does an amazing job of asking questions that get results! Lane helped me see new things about myself that have already made a difference in how I handle my business. Her approach was game changing and I highly recommend working with her.
Pamela Potter, CEO, In Your Voice

Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

Lane’s compassionate wisdom reminds women how powerful they are, no matter the circumstances.  As business owners, Lane helped us refine our vision, plot our course and stay on track.  We highly recommend Lane’s services to anyone who needs reminding of the abundance of good in the universe and their rightful place within it.
– Kelly Benson and LeeAnn Neal, Rocky Intertidal CoCreative

Motivated and Purposeful

Lane Cobb is gifted, intuitive, supportive, and completely top notch!  I now have INCREDIBLE clarity for my purpose and mission like I have never felt before.  In one short hour Lane was able to connect me to my deep sense of purpose and motivate me like never before. I now have a resource that I know can help me continue to move forward despite any obstacles life may have in store.
-Lesley Vogel, RD, LD – Be Well, LLC and NSA Juice Plus

A Wonderful Coach!

Lane is a wonderful coach who helps her clients to experience useful insights with her powerful coaching style. I encourage everyone to tune in to her teleseminars.  As a Life Coach, Lane embodies the delicate balance between compassion and confrontation that makes her clients feel heard and understood, but at the same time motivated to do their own work.  Having received coaching from Lane, I am pleased with the results.  I highly recommend her!
-Wayne Beckles, PhD – Baltimore City Community College 

Skillful Motivator

Lane Cobb is a skillful workshop presenter.  She engages her audience in a way that motivates them to connect with their purpose, find their authentic voice, and make choices that empower them to be true to themselves and not to give their power over to social conflict or unfortunate circumstances.
-Kendra Randall Jolivet, Esq. – Randall & Sonnier, LLC – Attorneys At Law

A Blessing!

Lane was a blessing to have as a wellness coach. She helped me create a model for a healthy and productive lifestyle, and empowered me to integrate those principles into my already busy life.  Her intuitive nature guided me toward a more balanced relationship to my own well-being, while her honest no-nonsense coaching style helped keep me on track. My self-image was always at my highest level when working with her, and anyone who does is guaranteed to get results.
– Cheryl Gray-Hines, CEO – CGray and Associates, LLC

A Keen Ability to Listen

Lane’s coaching helped me home in on goals and dreams as specific and attainable. She has a keen ability to listen, to get to the crux of the matter and then to offer suggestions and explore various pathways.  Her approach is not one of clinical detachment, nor is it soft hand-holding.  Rather, it is a commitment to me and all the good and positive qualities I have in me, combined with a “roll up your sleeves and get to work – can do” approach.  Who can’t benefit from that?!
-Judy Nicholson, LCSW

Empowered for Life!

Thanks to Lane, I feel like I have a new set of tools for life, and all of them work!
When I started working with Lane, I was stalled in my career, and was fed up with the status quo.  Since then, I have left that job and started my the business I had always dreamed of having. 
– Kelly Benson, Co-Owner, Rocky Intertidal CoCreative